The payment can be done with a HIPAY account or by CREDIT CARD  (you do not need a HIPAY account to make a payment by credit card)
HIPAY offers a very high level of security for payment and protection of your purchases.

Payment is in EURO or US DOLLAR. All transactions are secure and encrypted. We do not store any data on your payment card.

When paying by credit card via HIPAY the customer is redirected to their website, so that the transaction is made with the best security as possible. 

 The information presented for payment are managed by organizing payment at any time of the transaction Kyoto Kitsune holds the customer's bank information

Kyoto Kitsune confirm the order only after confirmation of the transaction by HIPAY


This payment is only available for those with a PayPal account.

With this method of payment the customer is redirected to their website to make the transaction via his account.

As with HIPAY, this system is totally secure, Kyoto Kitsune is not involved in the transaction and therefore has no client banking information.

The currencies accepted by this mode are: YEN, EURO and US DOLLAR

Kyoto Kitune can confirm the order only after confirmation of the transaction by PAYPAL.

If the customer chooses to pay by e-check, an additional time variable depending on the country is required before the order can be validated.