"Kitsune" means fox in japanese

There are many legends about the fox in Japan.

In KYOTO, a popular Shinto shrine, "Fushimi Inari" is dedicated to a deity represented by a fox.The Japanese come to pray there to bring them success and prosperity.

Our company is close to this shrine so it was obvious to us to choose this symbol associated with KYOTO to represent it.


Kyoto Kitsune is located in KYOTO, in the historic cultural center of Japan.

His team, led by a japanese, is made up of three Japaneses and one French who want above all to discover and share Japanese culture as a whole

  • Alex, the French of the team, particularly cares for the cultural things such as games, books, tableware.....
  • Emi is interested in fashion and decoration, she selects tenugui, furoshiki,  T-shirts, figurines....
  • Ken the greedy of the team will make you discover the japanese food, flavors of Japan such as green tea, sweets, candy, cakes....
  • Mika will reveal the secrets of Japanese beauty  such as face masks, creams.....

We not only want to sell products but also tell the story that accompanied them.

It is therefore the team choose with great care the products that he offers on its website.

We rely on our network of producers and suppliers to find the products that best represent for us the Japan but also will make you happy.


KYOTO native, she lived 10 years in France to Paris, where she worked as an employee in a Japanese company which export products in Japan.

With this experience, she decided to return to live in Kyoto and create his own company: Kyoto Kitsune Shop.


www.kyotokitsune.com belongs to "Kitsune Japon"

This company is a "Kojin jigyonushi" based in KYOTO, created the 1st october of 2015