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Eye mask

Your eyes are dry, you feel the tiredness that weighs at the end of a long day?
So take care of your eyes, relieve them by using an eye mask.
Indispensable for moisturizing and relaxing.
Easy to use at any time.

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  • Relax your eyes with this KAO Megurhythm mask.Like the rest of the body, our eyes get tired and are much solicited by the intensive use of everyday screens such as television, smartphone, computer .....Our eyes sting, drying up, it's unpleasant on a daily basis.To remedy this, you must moisturize them and let them rest.This mask diffuses a heat of about...

  • Why is it important to use an eye mask?Our eyes are very much sought after on a daily basis by the use of numerous screens, which results tiredness.Moreover the use of heating or air conditioning dries them off. This eye mask will rehydrate and relax your eyes by diffusing heat of about 40 ° Celsius for 10 minutes in the manner of a steam bath.This mask...

  • Computers, smartphones, tablets, television, have the effect of tiring our eyes everyday.Moreover using heating and air conditioning dry our eyes. This mask will relax and rehydrate your eyes by diffusing a heat of about 40 ° Celsius for 10 minutes.In addition it contains essential oil of chamomile and ginger.The smell of chamomile helps to find sleep and...

  • Taking care of your eyes is as important as taking care of your skin.The pace of life in society does not spare our eyes with the use of screens (television, smartphone, computer, tablet ....)In Japan we use many eye masks to relax and relax our eyes. The secret of this mask is that it diffuses a heat of approximately 40 ° Celsius for 10 minutes in order...

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    It is an eye mask that warms the eyes that kept working with comfortable steam.A comfortable steam of about 40 ° C lasts for about 10 minutes and wraps your precious eyes gently.It's like a steam bath in the eyes.You will be unleashed from the tension of the day.And as you release the tired eyes, you will loose from the back to the relaxing mood.Because...

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items