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Increasingly concerned about health, the tea houses of Kyoto also begin to produce organic green tea.

Here we offer a selection of organic green tea flavored.

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  • This green tea is a blend of rose petals and organic sencha from Uji.The rose gives off a soft fragrance that balances the astringency of green tea.In the language of flowers, if you offer this tea you deliver a message of love, beauty and happiness.Spend a romantic moment while enjoying this organic green tea.Discover our selection of best organics...

  • This organic sencha is an organic green tea from Uji blended with fresh Japanese Yuzu.The fragance of Yuzu is a symbol of vitality.In Japan, the tradition is to put Yuzu in the bathtub to take a hot bath on the day of the winter solstice.We believe that this strengthens the body to pass the winter in good health.In flower language, if you offer this tea...

  • This flavored organic sencha is the mixture of "Sakura" (Japanese cherry blossom) with organic green tea from Uji.It is a high quality green tea that is refreshing and gives off a pleasant slightly scented.Natural, no additives have been added for flavoring.Limited edition for spring, you can have the feeling of watching the cherry blossoms in Kyoto by...

  • This sencha is a very rare organic green tea that you can enjoy with strawberry flavor.The sweet and sour aroma of strawberry combined with the freshness of green tea will give you a feeling of well-being.This sencha is made by Fukujuen tea house from fresh strawberries from Ehime Prefecture and Uji quality green tea.In flower language, if you offer this...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items