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In Japan we use a lot of cosmetics and we are demanding on quality.

This is why we think it is interesting to offer japanese cosmetics brands that are renowned for their efficiency so that they can benefit as many people as possible.

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  • This durable eyeliner which will not become dirty around your eyes until the night. (can keep beautiful eye line all day long !) but it can be easily wash away with lukewarm water. With a new prescription super-keep polymer blend, it guards from tears, water, sebum thoroughly, it keeps a clean & beautiful eye lines from the inner corner to the outer...

  • It is a super waterproof mascara with strongest blur & strong power curl lock.volume separate powder formulation.It increases the sense of volume of each eye lashes without becoming a bundle, it is finished into a dense bushy lashes with a sense of separation.Combination of four kinds of eyelash beauty essence ingredients.Camellia oil Royal Jelly...

  • It is a popular mascara No.1 selling in Japan, one bottle in 10 seconds ! Super strong waterproof & strong power curl lock super water proof it's for someone who are suffering from mascara that flows as well. Instant locking component and shape memory polymer blend.At the moment when mascara is attached, it dries quickly and fixes the curl...

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    The most important part that supports the impression of big and beautiful eyes, it is eyelashes. By positively caring of the eyelashes, You can keep your eyelashes more longer and thicker erect upwards.Shiseido's original eyelash born from eyelash research "Eyelash growth ingredients" plenty to blend.From ecstasy to working on eyelashes, lead to a...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items