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Taking care of yourself is also paying attention to your environment.

Pollution, allergy, microbes, we are often exposed to many inconveniences.

Here we offer products such as anti-bacterial and anti-allergic masks that will protect you in everyday life

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  • Do not allow pollen, dust or viruses to bother you daily by wearing a hygienic mask.Effective, it stops 99% of pollen.Light, you will forget that you wear a mask.It will also allow you to protect yourself against viruses present in public transportation, school, work .....It is also a way to protect your surroundings if you are sick yourself.It is also...

  • Pollution, dust, pollen and viruses are causing more and more diseases.It is therefore important to protect ourself but also to protect those around us.Wearing a hygienic mask will protect you effectively against 99% of pollens, protect you from viruses that circulate in the air to prevent colds or flu. Very convenient you can also use it when you do the...

  • It is a perfect mask for you troubled with hay fever. It is also to protect yourself from allergy of house dust, virus and bacteria, an unpleasant smell...etc,.This is a box of hygienic mask which is very popular in Japan. In Japan, We using this mask very often when we go out. especially to protect ourselves from the virus and bacteria for example in...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items